About Us

Technical Training is an absolute must, with the motor trade moving forward at a pace unseen in the past 100 years, the only way to keep up is to keep training, standing still is not an option. Tech Know Garage Services provides Technical Training to independent garages, vehicle dealerships and manufacturers and just about every other facet of the motor trade. We FIRMLY believe that FACE to FACE training is by far the best way to learn in the automotive trade, as it is such a hands on business, however, in this day and age Online Courses are a necessity for many reasons. All the courses offered on this platform are our ONLINE Courses, for our Face to Face courses, please see our main website via the link at the bottom of this page. We really hope to see you on our face to face courses soon, but in the meantime please take a look at our online courses below. You can either sign up for an individual course, or you can subscribe to get unlimited access to all courses for as long as you subscribe. Most garages take this option. We can provide your business with what it needs to be fit for the future. We cover many subjects, with new areas being added all the time, if you can't see the training you need, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements. What's more, if you are subscribed to one of our 'All You Can Eat' Packages, you'll automatically get access to the new content as soon as it's added, so there's no danger of missing out. Please take a good look around the site and watch the Welcome Video from our Founder to learn much more about how our training programme works.

Meet The Instructor

Senior Technical Trainer & Author

Rob Drinkwater

Rob has been in and around the automotive trade since shortly after leaving college, having studied Computer Science, Electronics, Chemistry & Physics, as well as the usual Maths & English, Rob was originally heading into the computer industry. Although he had always worked on cars and motorcycles since around 11 years of age. He went to work in the computer industry and absolutely despised it, so left and ended up in the automotive industry. He has worked in various roles within the industry and has worked for some of the biggest names out there. In 2007, he decided to go and do it all for himself and formed Tech Know Garage Services, his aim was to able to combine three facets of the automotive industry that interest him the most, firstly to be out there training others in the industry, secondly to remain hands on in the workshop to retain relevance whilst teaching and thirdly to deliver high quality repairs of garage equipment to garages across the country. Rob always says 'Everyday is a school day', he firmly believes we should all aim to learn new knowledge every day, to do this he himself embarks on regular training and updates to ensure that his training delivery is as relevant to his trainees as it can possibly be. He also believes that trainees shouldn't be afraid to challenge the trainer and get the most out of their training session. Rob is a member of the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) and is recognised as an Advanced Automotive Engineer as well as being a qualified IMI Master Technician.