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Electric Vehicles and their Hybrid cousins are the next big thing, with sales now outstripping diesels and before long petrols, governments around the world are pushing the public more and more towards electric vehicle ownership.In this course we look at why we are moving to the electric revolution, and indeed where we came from at the beginning of the 20th Century, and the fact that nothing is new. We cover how we need to prepare our workshop for this revolution, what safety measures and PPE we need to take stock of and other equipment we need to purchase. We then move onto what EVS, PHEVS, HEVS, REEVs are and how they work, how to work safely with the systems both shut down and live, we cover the individual components of the Hybrid & Electric Systems, how the systems are charged from the mains and then onto some common faults and fault procedures. Finally we take a peek into the future, and the past. It's nearly six hours of continuous action packed training. We strongly recommend that you sit the TK10Automotive Electrical Test Procedures course with us before this EV course, as we refer to many electrical principles from that course.

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    TK85 Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology

    • Welcome to the course - Some Guidance For Using This Course from Rob Drinkwater.

    • Module 0 - Introduction to the course and Health & Safety briefing.

    • Module 1 - Electric & Hybrid Vehicles - An Introduction & why ICE is dead.

    • Module 2 - Preparing Our Workshop for the EV Revolution

    • Module 3 - Safety When Working With Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

    • Module 4 - So, What are EVs, PHEVs, HEVs, E-REVs?

    • Module 5 - Making Hybrid & Electric Vehicles Safe to Work On.

    • Module 6 - Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Components & Descriptions

    • Module 7 - Electric Vehicle Charging Systems

    • Module 8 - Electric Vehicle Fault Diagnosis

    • Module 9 - Electric Vehicles - The Future................ And The Past.

    • A Comprehensive Study Of Key EV Components & Technologies - DOWNLOAD

    • IEDC Analysis Of The Electric Vehicle Inductry - DOWNLOAD

    • Commuting In England Study - DOWNLOAD

    • Prius Inverter Repairs - DOWNLOAD

    • BMW i3 Battery Cut Off Guide