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Strap yourself in folks for the most in depth training on the Bosch ESITronic & KTS system, we cover everything from first installing it on a PC, to licencing the software, through to using the KTS & ESI to the best effect both as a scan tool, and as a technical information system, we also explore the use of the KTS Oscilloscope & Multimeter capabilities too. We even explore the parts lookup system, comparisons listings and parts to vehicle use capabilities. You'll be surprised just how little of the KTS you're currently using, just simply because you didn't know all this stuff was there and no one told you about it.

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    Bosch KTS & ESITronic Users Course

    • Welcome to the course - Some Guidance For Using This Course from Rob Drinkwater.

    • Module 0 - Introduction to the Bosch KTS & ESITronic Users Training Course.

    • Module 1 - Why KTS, Preparation of the KTS Module & Connection to vehicle & PC.

    • Module 2 - Correct Vehicle Lookup, Diagnostic Socket Info, Abbreviations List & Communications With The Vehicle

    • Module 3 - Diagnosis, Saving & Retrieving Data From Protocols & Service Tasks

    • Module 4.1 - Using Trouble Shooting Information System & Service Information System (SIS) - PART A

    • Module 4.2 - Using Trouble Shooting Information System & Service Information System (SIS) - PART B

    • Module 5 - Using Equipment (Parts Lookup System), Maintenance & Circuit Diagrams Sections

    • Bosch KTS DoIP (Diagnostic over Internet Protocol) Access - what does it mean to you.

    • Using the Oscilloscope & Multimeter Built Into Your KTS System

    • Loading the ESI Software, Licencing the Software and Pairing KTS to PC

    • Downloading and Installing Bosch ESITronic to your PC.