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This course covers the principles of electricity, health & safety to do with electricity, Ohm's, Watt's & Kirchov's Laws, how to use electrical multimeters, understanding voltage drop and then how to test for it as part of your fault finding process. We cover different types of circuits, how current and voltage is affected in each circuit and what to expect. We also cover circuit diagrams and how to navigate around them, vehicle batteries and how they work, starting systems & alternators, how they work and how to test them and there is a practice wiring diagram to help you download to help you navigate the wiring diagrams. We also offer help to build some of the circuits used in the course so that you can fully understand the electrical principles at work. You don't have to build them, but it can help.

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    TK10 - Automotive Electrical Test Procedures Training Course

    • Welcome to your course - Some guidance for using this course from Rob Drinkwater.

    • Module 0 - Introduction, Health & Safety

    • Module 1 - Electrical Values, Electrical Theories & Laws.

    • Module 2 - Electrical Testing Using Meters

    • Module 3 - Understanding Voltage Drop & Testing For It

    • Module 4 - Understanding Circuit Types

    • Module 5 - Understanding Circuit Diagrams

    • Module 6 - Vehicle Batteries

    • Module 7 - Starting & Charging Systems

    • Wiring Diagram Practice PDF to Print