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DSG Style Gearboxes are fast becoming common place in cars of all sizes, so much so that some manufacturers have stopped fitting conventional manual and automatic gearboxes into their cars, on the basis that DSG gearboxes give the best of both world. The better performance and economy achieved compared to conventional automatics makes them ideal for all cars. With new versions also able to incorporate hybrid drive trains within the gearbox, there's lots to know about DSG and all the derivatives of this system. Get on board with this course to learn lots more about how it all works.

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    DSG Direct Shift, Dual Shaft & Dual Clutch Gearboxes

    • Welcome to your course - Some guidance for using this course from Rob Drinkwater.

    • Module 0 - Welcome from the trainer and course overview.

    • Module 1 - DSG Gearboxes, an Introduction.

    • Module 2 - Dual Clutch Gearboxes – What’s it all about?

    • Module 3 - DRY Clutch Transmission – How Does It Work.

    • Module 4 - The Dry Clutch Mechatronic Unit.

    • Module 5 - Dry Clutch Replacement.

    • VIDEO - Dry Clutch & Mechatronic Service Example.

    • Module 6 - WET Clutch Transmission – How Does It Work.

    • Module 7 - Wet Clutch Mechatronic Unit.

    • Module 8 - Wet Clutch Replacement.

    • VIDEO - WET Clutch & Mechatronic Service Example

    • Module 9 - Calibration & Teach In Procedures.

    • Module 10 - DSG Systems Fault Finding.

    • VWG Self Study Programme 094 Diagnosis of 02E and OAM

    • VWG Self Study Programme 115 0Dl Gearbox

    • VWG Self Study Programme 390 7speed DSG Gearbox