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This is an in depth look at all the current systems used to form the ADAS systems on modern cars, it must be remembered that ADAS is not one system, but many different types of driver assistance system that are brought together under the ADAS heading, some of them share similar technologies & sensors. Firstly we examine what ADAS actually is, then we investigate the various technologies used to achieve the sensing capabilities, we look how those sensors are used to achieve the driver aid systems, and how we use more than one sensor to achieve an overall view of the vehicle's environment. We also look at how the vehicle's geometry can affect the effectiveness of our ADAS systems and how we must adjust the car and the sensors to the correct settings to ensure the systems work.

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    ADAS Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

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    • Module 0 - Introduction to the course and Health & Safety

    • Module 1 - What is ADAS, an Introduction

    • Module 2 - Sensor Technologies In Use in ADAS Systems

    • Module 3 - Individual System Analysis

    • Module 4 - Sensor Fusion Technologies

    • Module 5 - Vehicle Geometry, Sensor Adjustments & Calibrations

    • Module 6 - ADAS System Fault Diagnosis & Personal Safety Measures

    • Module 7 - GDPR & Other Legal Implications

    • ADAS systems map - Download this file to see what systems use what sensors.